Divisions and Stations of the Route

East to West
Ninth Division — St. Louis, Mo., to Tipton
Eighth Division — Tipton to Fort Smith, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn., to Fort Smith
Seventh Division — Fort Smith to Colbert’s Ferry, Okla.
Sixth Division — Colbert’s Ferry to Fort Chadbourne, Texas
Fifth Division — Fort Chadbourne to Franklin (El Paso), Texas
Fourth Division — Franklin (El Paso) to Tucson, Ariz.
Third Division — Tucson to Fort Yuma, Calif.
Second Division — Fort Yuma to Los Angeles, Calif.
First Division — Los Angeles to San Fransisco, Calif.


2 thoughts on “Divisions and Stations of the Route

  1. The picture above of the stagecoach is wrong. The Celerity coach is very different. It is not a Wells Fargo coach that was on the Butterfield trail.

    1. Thanks for your note Rob. The celerity coaches were used from Fort Smith westward on the route, and you’re right about them being quite different from the Concord coaches. However, the Concord-style coaches were used by the Butterfield Overland Mail Company between Tipton, Mo., and Fort Smith, Ark. The picture is an elongation of a lithograph published in Leslie’s Illustrated just after the first running of the Overland Mail. Initially it was captioned as the stage leaving Tipton, and a later reprint labeled it as the coach arriving in Fort Smith.

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