California Stations

Fort Yuma
Pilot Knob Station
Mountain Springs Station
Cooke’s Wells Station (present-day Mexico)
Gardener’s Wells Station (present-day Mexico)
Alamo Mocho Station (present-day Mexico)
Monument Station
Indian Wells Station
Sackett’s Wells
Carrizo Creek Station
Palm Spring
Vallecito Station
Box Canyon
Blair Valley
San Felipe
Warner’s Ranch
Oak Grove Station
Aguanga Station
Temecula Station
Laguna Grande
Temescal Station
Chino Ranch
San Jose Station (Pomona)
El Monte Station
Los Angeles
Cahuenga Station
Los Encinos
Mission San Fernando
Hart’s Station
King’s Station
Widow Smith’s Station
French John’s Station
Reed’s Station
Fort Tejon
Sinks of Tejon (Alamo Station)
Kern River Slough
Kern River Crossing (Gordon’s Ferry)
Poso Creek Station (Posey Station)
Mountain House Station
Fountain Spring Station
Tule River Station
Packwood’s Station
Visalia Station
Cross Creek Station
King’s River Station
Elk Horn Spring Station
Hawthorne’s Station
Fresno City
Firebaugh Ferry
Temple’s Station
Lone Willow Station
San Luis Ranch
Pacheco Pass Station
Soap Lake (present-day San Felipe)
Seventeen Mile House
Hernández House
San Jose
Mountain View
Redwood City
San Mateo
Clark’s Station
Oak Grove Station
San Francisco


2 thoughts on “California Stations

  1. A recent work by Anne J. Miller Ph. D., The Southern Emigrant Trail Through Riverside County, suggestS the a likely location of the Willow Springs Butterfield Mail station, in the now city of Murrieta. It was located about ‘half way’ between Temecula and Laguna Grande (Lake Elsinore) station locations in 1860. Your list notes Murrieta’s location out of sequence based on her research. It would come after Temecula’s station.

  2. Do we have any details on the Poso Creek Station? I’m trying to pin down the apparently little-known Poso Canal Company from the late 1930’s, and it may have leveraged the station from Butterfield. Thank you!

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