Arizona Stations

San Simon Stage Station
Apache Pass Stage Station
Ewell’s Stage Station
Dragoon Springs Stage Station
San Pedro River Stage Station
Seneca-Cienega Stage Station
Tucson Stage Station
Piointer Mountain Stage Station
Picacho Stage Station
Blue Water Stage Station
Oneida Stage Station
Sacaton Stage Station
Casa Blanca Stage Station
Maricopa Wells Stage Station
Desert Stage Station
Gila Ranch Stage Station
Kinyon’s Stage Station (Murderer’s Grave)
Oatman’s Flat Stage Station
Burke’s Stage Station
Stanwix Ranch Stage Station
Grinnell’s Stage Station (Texas Hill)
Mohawk Stage Station (Peterman’s)
Antelope Peak Stage Station
Fillibuster Stage Station
Mission Camp Stage Station
Snively’s Stage Station

3 thoughts on “Arizona Stations

  1. I had been to the Peterman station as a boy. The ground has been fenced off, but nothing remains of the old adobe walls I remember. The site is fairly well hidden by overgrowth.

  2. I think the south eastern AZ trail isn’t quite right. I believe they went through Ft Bowie, the (later) rail pass, north of the playa at Wilcox which would be Steele Station, located just north of I-10 at the end of Davenport Drive, where 191 t-bones into I-10. My Great Grandfather Tom Steele operated the stop called Steele Station as depicted on the old maps.

  3. When I was 13 years old we moved to Albuquerque NM. Our next door neighbor was in his 70’s and was an old gold miner. He had a gold mine in Tijeras canyon NM and one in Socorro NM. At that time they were not being mined. I could listen to him for hours telling stories, One story was when he came to NM there was only one stagecoach still running and it started in San Simon AZ. He traveled to San Simon just to ride the last running stagecoach, I don’t remember how far he rode the stagecoach. Tijeras canyon is well over a mile above sea level and he could outwalk me going up into the mountains. His name was Mr. York. That is the only name I ever knew. I often think about what that stagecoach ride would have been like.

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