Arkansas Stations

Northwestern Route
Callahan’s Station (near present-day Rogers)
Fitzgerald’s Station (near present-day Springdale)
Park’s Station
Brodie’s Station (Lee Creek)
Woolsey’s Station (also called Signal Hill)
Van Buren
Fort Smith

Memphis Route
Memphis, Tenn.
Madison, Ark.
Des Arc
Atlanta (present-day Austin)
Plumer’s Station (Plummerville)
Lewisburg (near present-day Morrilton)
Pottsville Inn
Norristown (Russellville)
Stinnett’s Station
Fort Smith


One thought on “Arkansas Stations

  1. I heard stories of an old house which was part log right where the Crystal Hill Crossing is in North Little Rock was a stage stop. I was also told that the old Vinson home just a half mile from there was a boarding house for the stage also. When they tore down the old house it was reported that they log portion was moved into Burns Park down by the White Oak Creek. Would like to know if this really was the case.

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