Maps of the Route

The full map above shows stations and a few other points of interest. Use the icon on the upper left to open the list of stations by state. The following are quick links to Google maps for each state from east to west showing the route of the Butterfield Overland Mail in more detail:


One thought on “Maps of the Route

  1. The route in the Mesilla valley is wrong because the valley was not cleared of the cottonwood trees until much later. The station at Mesilla, NM was west of the Rio Grande at time. They went almost due east to Fort Fillmore on the east side of the Rio Grande River. The Fort Fillmore Fort was built on the south side of Fillmore arroyo/canyon, about where I-25 & I-10 split. Then the routes turn south to El Paso. TX. Running alone the Camino Real, St Rd 4758, Santa Fe Railway tracks just a little east of the river valley. That would have been like the high water mark when the Rio Grande flooded. My family was one of the pioneering families in the Mesilla valley and helped clear the cotton wood trees west of the current town of Canutillo, TX.

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